What a Kremlin Troll is Not
2015 December 25
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If you follow me on Twitter you are already aware of this, but for everyone else:

There is no connection between this site (kremlintrolls.com) or me (@webradius) and the person or persons currently d/b/a @kremlintrolls on Twitter.

That they stood up the @kremlintrolls account without checking in with me I could forgive. But having ridden out under my flag they then conducted themselves poorly, and that I do not forgive.

I've written about what a kremlin troll is. Now a few remarks on what a kremlin troll is not:

A venue such as Twitter is tailor-made for people who wish to be deceptive and/or abusive. Some may do so because that is part of their job, or a tasking they have received from an intelligence service. Many others come by their bad behavior more honestly, e.g. they are sociopaths, sadists, paranoid and/or delusional.

It is one thing to suspect that someone is something other than who or what they say they are. It is quite another to publicly accuse those people of being agents of an intelligence service in the absence of hard evidence - evidence that is unlikely to be found via open sources and which, if it exists, should be reported the appropriate agency. In any event, such a person would not be a kremlin troll.

If someone makes you uncomfortable, if you think they are playing some sort of double game, don't follow them, don't interact with them, if need be block them, and and make your associates aware of your concerns. Go ahead and trust your gut feelings, but don't let your gut pull the trigger.

In case you are curious, I stopped following @arianagicperry a long time ago, because I was uncomfortable with her efforts to defend/befriend @20committee, particularly in the context of a good cop/bad cop routine with @clarissasblog. In contrast, I have both unfollowed and blocked @kremlintrolls and @20committee. The reasons for the latter action may be found in the paragraphs above.

And on that note, to all whom this may apply: pic.twitter.com/MI5MWFTLtz

— aweisburd (@webradius) December 17, 2015

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