#KremlinTrolls Engaged & Geolocated
2015 September 13
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Last week's look at Kremlin Trolls et al, seeded with entities in Canada, elicited the usual gnashing of teeth and clicking of links. The latter were correlated with the Twitter account that created each unique short URL. The top three trolls in terms of number of engaged followers, and the location of those engaged followers, both reinforce the perception that while Canada is home to and a target of the Kremlin's trolls, fellow travelers, agents of influence, and dupes, it is by no means a center of gravity. The top three are presented below by country and the percentage of their engaged followers in the top five countries. All proxy servers were removed from the data. At the country level the data is reasonably accurate.


Country %
Britain 27%
USA 20%
Germany 12%
Russia 8%
Ireland 6%


Country %
Russia 28%
Britain 12%
Switzerland 11%
Germany 7%
USA 7%


Country %
Germany 16%
Britain 14%
Switzerland 12%
USA 10%
Canada 6%

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