Soviet Diet in Londongrad
2015 August 16
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Still in virtual Londongrad, working on the ones Sergei Nalobin left behind. And this popped up, via Russia Beyond the Headlines UK.

Stuffed peppers, a glass of #wine: Soviet life was more fun #SovietDiet

— RBTH UK (@rbthUK) August 15, 2015

And speaking of food, a common element in Nalobin & Co.'s network is this lovely restaurant.

The doors are open from tomorrow again 🙌🏽 Welcome! #marivanna #marivannalondon #london #knightsbridge #hydepark

— Mari Vanna (@marivannalondon) April 22, 2015
One wonders if there are a few small, private dining rooms. An alternative to using the front door would be nice also.

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