Another Look at RU "diplomat" Nalobin's Network
2015 August 10
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Let us have another look at the network of Russian "diplomat" Sergey Nalobin, only recently returned to Moscow under... less than auspicious circumstances.

Note that in this case, not all relationships are reciprocal. Those that are have an arrow at each end of the line, and the lines are blue. The network was derived by looking at people in Nalobin's network who were at least one standard deviation above the mean on at least one of two measures of possible significance. [Narrative continues below the network graph]

Hi-res PDF of graph

In addition to the basic Kremlin Trolls, we find some alleged Tories, a gentleman closely linked to The Kompass (@thekompass: "Your pass to all things Russian in the UK"), a gentleman associated with New Youth Policy (, a neo-Soviet take on the theme of the front organization targeting youth in Germany, France, the Baltic states, and Finland), and an entirely free-thinking and independent Wikistrat analyst in Vienna. Burgess is the guy linked to Kompass - have to love the last name.

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