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2015 August 02
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The @crg_crm account is used mostly to promote content at globalresearch.ca and is not particularly interactive. @crg_crm has 9800+ followers, follows 47+-, and has reciprocal relationships with just fourteen:


In the network graph that follows, all entities are within two degrees of @crg_crm, despite only four being one degree. Most will be accounts you will likely have come across in one context or another. The centrality of the World Socialist account (@wsws_updates) came as a bit of a surprise, and @snalobin is none other than Mr. Sergey N. Nalobin, Counsellor - Bilateral relations, Embassy of the Russian Federation, Londongrad Oblast.

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The guy on the left is Sergey Nalobin, Counsellor - Bilateral Relations, RUEMB, London. Pic is from 2013. pic.twitter.com/k2BLIjCt8l

— aweisburd (@webradius) August 2, 2015

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