How Putin's Trolls Appear When Viewed From Finland
2015 July 26
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The Big Role of Russophile Trolls in Putin's Media Warfare in the West by Janne ‘Rysky’ Riiheläinen (PDF archive)

This is well worth your time. What I like especially is the attitude conveyed, and the placing of one man's encounters with and observations of Kremlin Trolls in a global context. Remember it is their activity across multiple issues all of concern to the Kremlin that put the Kremlin in the Kremlin Troll. Absent that, they are some other brand of asshole, fellow travelers. A quote:

Whether you engage in arguments with trolls or not, one should realize that there is a massive war on information rampant in the world. Finland is one stage were this conflict plays out. The West and the western media have their own blind spots, but they still offer a reasonably reliable picture of the world unlike conspiracy theorists or those who are in the clutches of the Kremlin – even if they would be professionals in media outlets.

No one has it all perfectly right but that is no reason to disregard all information as unreliable. It is more the reason to stay vigilant and alert – and active.

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