Skank Net: The View from Zurich
2015 July 12
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Most recently I made note of a Kremlin Troll who came to the defense of Pepe Escobar. The latter is a good and honourable man, a journalist of great renown who just happens to reside at the epicenter of multiple networks all working on issues of interest to the Kremlin, and working on the Kremlin's side of those issues. Escobar's champion, an equally good and honourable man I am sure, appears to be an IT/social media contractor or consultant, operating out of Zurich. His Twitter network of reciprocal relationships is not without interest (see below), but more noteworthy in my mind is the role of Switzerland as a base for quite a few Kremlin Trolls. Just how much of the activity that can be traced to Switzerland is undertaken by paid Russian agents - as opposed to good upstanding Russian patriots - is a matter of speculation, however, Herr Skank's professional work would certainly be of value to the Russian Federation and its intelligence services.

To review, here are previous observations of Kremlin Troll activity out of Switzerland:

The above is by no means the only data I have, just what I've bothered to post. All based on the trolls' IP addresses, after removing proxy servers.

And now for the Skank's network. As noted already, the following network is based on readily observable reciprocal relationships. The people joined by lines each follow the other. Some will be familiar to people working this beat, others not so much. Entity size is based on betweenness centrality in the whole network (what you see here are just the most interlinked accounts in a network composed of a few thousand).

Link to vector PDF of network

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