American Foreign Fighter in the Service of the Kremlin
2015 June 23
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First, a great big tip of the hat to @cjcmichel for bringing this gentleman to our attention.

The Texan fighting with Ukraine separatists is named Russell Bentley, and now has a mustache.

— Casey Michel (@cjcmichel) June 22, 2015
The subject is discussed here as well:

My first piece with @POLITICOMag, on Moscow's links to hard-right Texas separatists:

— Casey Michel (@cjcmichel) June 23, 2015

And now, on to the main attraction. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to a gen-u-ine American foreign fighter currently serving with the Russians in eastern Ukraine: Russell Bonner Bentley The Third. Your basic batshit crazy leftwing Texan gone rogue, or rouge. His Facebook account is a thing to behold.

As it turns out, I've a record of Mr. Bentley, dating from February of 2014. The following graph places Bentley in context, which I think is useful in understanding the scope of online activity we now refer to as Kremlin trolls. These are Facebook friend relationships, so all are reciprocal. In addition to context, someone clearly had to provide some assistance to Bentley in his journey from Austin, Texas, to Donbass. This network of people is a good place to start looking for the facilitator.

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