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2015 June 20
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You cannot engage in a global propaganda campaign and not leave traces of who and what you are. This is as true for Russia Insider as it is for anyone. Previously I discussed Russia Insider's core cadre on Twitter. Now we'll take a look at their website and Facebook page.

Now, on to Facebook...

Here is a taste of Russia Insider on Facebook:

Facebook is potentially a rich source of data about participants in and supporters of the Kremlin's information warfare operations, and I'd say the least we can do is exploit that source, seeing as how Facebook appears to have come down on the side of the Kremlin and the invasion of Ukraine. Why Facebook has chosen the Russian side is a matter of some speculation, but it may be linked to a long-time investor in Facebook, a Russian oligarch who is part of Putin's inner circle.

Curious about Facebook, the Kremlin, and actions Facebook has taken vs. Ukraine? Here’s a big fat hint:

— aweisburd (@webradius) May 25, 2015
In any event, inquiring minds will want to look closely at people who Share and/or Like Russia Insider content.

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