Trust Ed, he knows how to keep your data safe
2015 June 18
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Russian agent Ed Snowden endorses a/v vendor FSecure.

Snowden @Challenge_rs said out of all AV firms, he would trust @FSecure Fi most as no power-government ties, our fan!

— Samu Konttinen (@KonttinenSamu) June 17, 2015

FSecure thinks that's awesome.

Great to hear. When talking about who do you #trust most in our industry, @FSecure according to #Snowden

— Christian Fredrikson (@CFredrikson) June 17, 2015

What Ed knows is that a/v is helpless when the threat is a human on the inside with too much access and too little supervision. If you trust Ed, and rely on anti-virus to keep your data secure, the joke is on you.

UPDATE: 20 June 2015. Looks like FSecure is having second thoughts about embracing Ed Snowden's endorsement, or at least realize it doesn't look so good. No worries, here's is what the deleted post looked like:

Ed Snowden endorses FSecure. Because why not? AV is pointless when the threat is inside, a truth Ed embodies.

— aweisburd (@webradius) June 18, 2015
I mean, that wasn't just some FSecure employee tweeting about Ed. No, it was a Genuine Official Promoted FSecure Tweet™

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