Greetings from Russian Embassy, Sofia, Bulgaria
2015 June 12
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When one is in the negative engagement business, it doesn't get much better than this.

webradius Dear Aron. Your country started a hostile campaign against ours, not vice versa. While we send food to Ukraine, you send weapons.

— РКИЦ_София (RKIC_Sofia) June 11, 2015

One thing better than being addressed as "Aron" by the Russian Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria (a likely centre of Kremlin Troll activity), is having them respond in defense of... Kaspersky.

"Kaspersky being hacked is a lesson for us all" #security

— Dudu Mimran (dudumimran) June 11, 2015
Not that there is any connection between the Kremlin and Kaspersky - except there is.

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