Top Ten #KremlinTrolls et al - 1 @marcelsardo
2015 May 27
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If you're new here, consider first reading "What the Fuck is a Kremlin Troll". Next, there is a causal relationship between this Top Ten list of Kremlin Trolls, and "Geolocating Kremlin Trolls and Their Engaged Followers". With that, I leave you with the 20150527 Kremlin Troll number 1, ranked primarily on the basis of their quantity of engaged followers (as opposed to passive consumers of what they tweet). First you will find a wee table of the top three countries of residence of the troll's engaged followers, and then an example of the troll's tweets.

Rank Country of Engaged Followers
1 Germany
2 United States
3 Britain, Switzerland

Hurraaaa! I am a Kremlin Troll! via @Malinka1102

— Marcel Sardo (@marcelsardo) May 12, 2015

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