Geolocating Kremlin Trolls and Their Engaged Followers
2015 May 26
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Over the past week or two the Kremlin Trolls and their sundry fellow travelers became rather... agitated by previous entries on this site. The result of their activity was 21 unique Twitter-generated short URLs. Each URL has been traced back to the originating troll - 15 unique Twitter accounts. The traffic generated by each URL provides a snapshot of who each troll's engaged followers are, and where they appear to reside. Many of the trolls follow each other, so in all likelihood I've collected data on the Kremlin Trolls themselves, in addition to their engaged followers. How many Kremlin Trolls et al are in the dataset? A little less than 400. How many of them were using proxy servers or VPNs? Not many. The Internet remains a great place to share, and a terrible place to try and hide.

Geolocation data is summarized in the table below. These countries account for 81% of all the Kremlin Trolls and their engaged followers. The top five countries alone account for 58%. That the USA is ranked first came as something of a surprise. Detailed analysis is ongoing, and I'm unlikely to share the findings publicly.

Rank % of Trolls Country/Countries
1 15.01 United States
2 13.74 Netherlands
3 13.23 Britain
4 10.94 Germany
5 5.09 Canada
6 4.58 Switzerland
7 3.05 Eire
8 2.04 Australia, Spain, France, Serbia (8.16% cumulative)
9 1.53 Finland, Greece, Romania, Ukraine (6.12% cumulative)
10 1.27 Italy

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