Kremlin Trolls and JadeHelm15
2015 May 11
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Let the following serve as an introduction to Kremlin efforts to fan the flames of domestic US unrest.

@Napoleonlegal doc I sure hope you are not rounded up during #JadeHelm15 for being a counterrevolutionary resistance leader with such talk

— Dimitry Yermakov (@TheKremlinTroll) May 7, 2015
As a colleague noted: "Being blinded by fear of a hypothetically totalitarian and Orwellian United States sets you up to be manipulated by the real deal."

If you take a look at the @TheKremlinTroll account you will notice - in addition to openly embracing the Kremlin affiliation - that it is packed high and tight with JadeHelm15 fear mongering. This is neither accidental nor coincidental. Also, "The" Kremlin Troll? Hardly. "A" Kremlin Troll for sure.

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