Reciprocal Relationships w/in Part of GrahamWP_UK's Network
2015 April 05
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This week we take another look at the network of reciprocal relationships based on the Russian Federation Embassy in Sofia, Bulgaria.

What is significant in any such network is very much in the eye of the beholder. That said, reciprocal relationships are always good to look at, as they enable Direct Messaging and generally suggest a higher degree of interactivity and perhaps also affinity. In today's graph I began with GrahamWP_UK a bona fide Russian agent of influence in as much as he clearly working with/for Kremlin media operations, and very much a real person (as opposed to being a mere sweatshop troll).

A few observations: GrahamWP_UK's network divides roughly into media-type people, and... others. Some of the latter are likely to be of interest, and some of the media folks are likely using that work as cover for intelligence activities. There are some clusters of people who are probably worth taking a closer look at, and the triads in this network are also noteworthy. Below are two versions of the graph, each potentially useful in their own way.

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