Everything the Kremlin Wants Us to Know About Their Trolls
2015 March 29
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It having become crashingly obvious to all that there are these trolls with some degree of connection to the Kremlin, we have been gifted with numerous stories presenting an inside look at the already identified Troll Factory. I link to two below. These stories are good as far as they go, but you have to wonder: in a society subject to ever-increasing controls on thought, movement, and action, particularly as regards the activities of journalists, how is it these sources manage to speak? What is perhaps more interesting than what we are being told is what we are not hearing about.

Kremlin trolls are not all in Russia. And they have been active since at least 2009, so while they may try and clean up after themselves going forward, time travel is beyond their capabilities.

These stories are by RFE/RL (US government), and BBC (UK government). Both are viewed by Russia as hostile entities, and anyone associated with them are considered foreign agents. Think about that.

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