Russia, Iran, and their pet wingnuts
2015 March 15
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Wingnuts, batshit crazy people on the political and social fringes, are the life blood of Russian and Iranian state media. And for good reason, as Moscow and Tehran work closely with each other in this and many other aspects of intelligence work.

Putin TV Hires Conspiracy Royalty, James Kirchick, The Daily Beast, 2015, March 12

For the sons of Oliver Stone and Jesse Ventura, who have broken ‘exclusives’ on the Illuminati and interviewed a ‘rogue Egyptologist,’ the Kremlin-funded RT is the logical next step.

Abby Martin wasn’t sufficiently crazy.

When the American journalist announced last month that she was leaving the Kremlin-funded RT network, where she had hosted the program Breaking the Set for three years, speculation arose that her departure would mark a change in direction for the channel. Perhaps RT’s managers were tired of Martin’s John Birch Society-esque musings about how water fluoridation is a nefarious government scheme, or her accusations that Israel employs “Hitler methods.” Maybe they saw her frequent exposés of “false flag” operations as damaging to their credibility. Or possibly RT, whose slogan “Question More” is interpreted rather liberally by its hosts, was hoping to go mainstream and considered Martin too crazy for that purpose.

But now it appears that Martin left the network because the Russians running the operation concluded she isn’t crazy enough.

At least that’s the most likely explanation for the conspiracy theory-obsessed host’s exit, considering whom they’ve chosen to replace her. Filling Martin’s slot, according to BuzzFeed, will be Sean Stone and Tyrel Ventura, sons of film director Oliver Stone and former professional wrestler and Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura. The duo currently hosts an Internet show called Buzzsaw that features guests like “rogue Egyptologist” John Anthony West and breaks exclusive stories on the machinations of the Illuminati.

“Question more,” indeed.

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