Not all Kremlin Trolls are in Russia
2015 March 15
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Not all Kremlin Trolls are in Russia. Not only are they not all in Russia, they are not all in countries sympathetic to - let alone allied with - Russia. In fact, quite a few are in NATO countries. So, when I speak of efforts to combat Russian active measures campaigns as needing a robust counterintelligence component, this is what I'm getting at. In any event, I had a chance to observe and analyze a cluster of Kremlin Trolls in action, tweeting and retweeting links to content on this site. I found they could be divided into three networks, with a degree of overlap between them. Also a degree of coordination is evident. In the graph below, time passes as you move downwards and from left to right. The timeframe is roughly 18 hours, with most activity occurring in the first hour.

Consider this yet another good reason to look closely at RU Embassies and Consulates, and their bloated staff of individuals with diplomatic cover. My list includes

Happy hunting :-)

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