Kind of Like a Turing Test
2015 March 02
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Observe, interact, triangulate, cross-reference. Repeat as necessary.

KTB//Nemtsov Assassination - Putin is Victim #KremlinTrolls busy: Third shift in Russia, First shift in Hong Kong

— aweisburd (@webradius) February 28, 2015

@EllenMelsen @webradius Try #провокация if you want to see that tag crushed. :-)

— J.M. Berger (@intelwire) February 28, 2015

@intelwire @webradius oh really? ;-)

— Ellen Melsen (@EllenMelsen) February 28, 2015

.@MarkSleboda1 @rougek68 @OccupyThePublic @LandDestroyer FYI some owl put you on some list

— Ellen Melsen (@EllenMelsen) February 28, 2015

This gets to be something like a Turing Test. Only w/the advantage of having multiple Interrogators.

— aweisburd (@webradius) March 1, 2015

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