Raised Among Wolves, or Why Putin's Thugs Annoy Me
2015 February 28
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Having been raised among wolves, otherwise known as Sicilians, I find the bluster and posing of gangsters and thugs... almost cute, but mostly annoying. They are, however, easily played. I used to do this all the time with jihadis. I would describe the method to officers I was training like this:

You see a group of likely looking thugs hanging out on the corner. You walk right up to them and give one a good shove. Then you shove another one, and so on. The one who pushes back the most is your best target. Take him down, and repeat with the rest as often as necessary. [Don't try this at home, kids. Because the little bastards will try and kill you.]

Returning now to our dear Kremlin Trolls. Re: this sampling of responses to the Nemtsov assassination, Number One, the US traitor turned Moscow akademician, is a known Kremlin mouthpiece. Number Two would really like you to think she's a housewife in Florida, and not an aging male Brazilian communist in Hong Kong with solid connections in both Moscow and Tehran. Indulge "her". Number Four was oblivious, and frankly a throw away on my part - I wanted more than three examples and there it was.

Number Three, however:

@OccupyThePublic: @webradius Hey retard, try free speech and leave the rest alone, FREE WORLD EXPRESSION” Is well spoken, yes?

— aweisburd (@webradius) February 28, 2015
Ah the wonders of how a Kremlin Troll's mind works. I feature what the bastard says on my site, and I'm what? Threatening it's right to free expression? Whatever. But what's interesting is that I didn't directly confront the goon. No, somebody on their side noticed and told them. And that my friends, is something I can work with.

Returning now to the thuggish aspect of Kremlin Trolls: @michaeldweiss is someone the Kremlin Trolls find actionable on multiple levels, and as they set upon him last night post-Nemtsov assassination, he took to retweeting select tweets from trolls. If only to remind myself to get back to them in the morning, I replied to each troll with two characters: <- What happened next is precious.

@webradius You got issues?

— Best Health 4 You (@besthealthyou) February 28, 2015
Classic "Eh, you gotta problem?!" bullshit. And no, to answer the question, I don't have issues. I have objectives, and with the able assistance of the trolls themselves I'm achieving those objectives more quickly and successfully than I would have thought possible.

Good times.

© 2015 Andrew Aaron Weisburd