Nemtsov Assassinated, Trolls Put His Corpse to Work
2015 February 27
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Some representative Kremlin Troll responses to the assassination of Boris Nemtsov this evening.

Has-been neoliberal, Boris Nemstov, gunned down in front of Kremlin walking w young Ukr girl

— Mark Sleboda (@MarkSleboda1) February 28, 2015

Wall Street and #IMF puppet @Yatsenyuk_AP has declared Putin's guilt for the death of a nobody. hilarious stuff

— rouge68 (@rougek68) February 27, 2015

@RT_com Conveniently for Poroshenko and the west? is this an attempt to throw off Putin's image? same mercenaries throwing Ukraine around?

— OccupyPublicOpinion (@OccupyThePublic) February 27, 2015

Being a US stooge can be hazardous to your health. Fail to produce results alive, US might try to make use of you dead #BorisNemtsov

— Land Destroyer (@LandDestroyer) February 28, 2015

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