Traitorous Troll of Limited Capabilities
2015 February 25
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What you need to know about this Kremlin Troll, aside from the fact that he is literally on the Kremlin payroll: By his own admission he served in the US Navy in the 1990's, aboard a ship that was stationed in the Adriatic. Next thing you know, he makes a soft landing in Russia, with a position as lecturer at Moscow State (MGU). Not exactly the normal career path for a US military veteran. In other words, he was a walk in.

@GeoffPyatt The Putsch regime occupying Kiev have been for last year extension of US military and instrument of Western Hegemonic expansion

— Mark Sleboda (@MarkSleboda1) February 25, 2015
Fifteen +- years later, he's trolling US diplomat Geoffrey Pyatt in English. Not that Pyatt is the one who has trouble communicating in Russian, mind you.

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