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2015 February 24
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Most of the current readers of this blog are - based upon geolocation and referring website - focused in the threat posed directly by Russia and the neo-Soviet goons in charge at the Kremlin. For quite some time I tried to explain to people in Washington that, as I put it, "All roads lead to Moscow."

Only I wasn't talking about Russia.

You see, I was working the Iran Desk. A significant part of my work focused on the overlap between IRGC information operations, agent recruitment and training, and subversion in countries deemed enemies of the Islamic Republic. And all roads lead to Moscow, the link being especially strong in Latin America. The IRGC, evidently short-handed in the region, was clearly 'gifted' old school leftist cadre who continue to harken to the call of the Kremlin. Thus, for example, you will find quite a few people involved in the IRGC's HispanTV are dual-hatted, working for various Kremlin media outfits.

All of which brings us to the following. A little something I put together a year ago. Heavily redacted, but it will give you an idea of the larger context within which Kremlin Trolls occur. The relationship between Syrian government forces and the Kremlin is well known. Re: Iran, there is clearly a partnership and/or mentoring relationship.

2014 February 06 - When Active Measures arrive on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube

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