The Embassy, The Organ, and The Agent
2015 February 19
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I start, as I so often do, with a Twitter interaction.

@RT_com @MarkSleboda1 are they for real? Raving madmen, LOL. S-400 to Syria + Iran quickly!

— РКИЦ_София (@RKIC_Sofia) February 19, 2015

The Organ of State Information is RT, and The Agent is Akademician Mark Sleboda. The former should need no introduction, and the latter we'll leave simmering on the back burner for now (though in a just world his veterinarian, an FSB reservist, would beat the shit out of him on general principles). It's The Embassy I'd like to talk about.

That would be the Embassy of Russian Federation in Sofia, Bulgaria (@RKIC_Sofia). They are quite active on Twitter in their own name - a kind of honesty I respect. We know for fact that KGB officers at Soviet embassies under official cover were an integral part of Active Measures campaigns, and their quantity-over-quality approach to information operations undoubtedly translates nicely into Twitter in the 21st Century. So how many Kremlin Trolls are actually the work product of Russian "diplomats" at RF embassies around the globe?

Hint: More than one.

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