The Denunciation
2015 February 19
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A funny thing happened to John Schindler (@20committee) the other day. He was denounced as treacherous Putinoid enemy of Ukraine.


John Schindler @20committee is a Putinoid whose only goal is 2 sabotage #Ukraine. Don't listen to him, he wants more instability in #Ukraine

— Clarissa (@Clarissasblog) February 17, 2015

The Denunciation is a classic Checkist move, and likely works on multiple levels.

First, the target of the denunciation is, well, denounced. The presumptive aim of the act is to damage their credibility and standing in their community. The effectiveness of the attack depends in part on the relative status or reputation of the denunciator. It's a technique often used by people trying to work their way up at the expense of others. Additionally, the act of denunciation may be to provide an opening for a third party to intervene on the behalf of the target, and perhaps to gain the attention and trust of the target. When looking at this incident in particular, pay heed to this second track.

A final note: the more observant may notice that this page is called Peggy.html, in honor of the main character in a serious of Discover Card commercials. Because you see, the persona that denounced Schindler has a blog. The blog has a domain name. The domain name is now held by a proxy service, masking the identity of the registrant. But immediately prior to going behind a proxy, the domain was held by a person in Serbia. A gentleman, not a lady. So with that I leave you Peggy:

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