2015 February 09
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Recall my trolls in their little specimen jar? Well this here is one prize specimen of a creepy stalking maggot of a Kremlin troll.

@Navsteva: This is a January story, in other words: yesterday's gone.” Stunningly insightful comment. January was oh so long ago.

— aweisburd (@webradius) February 9, 2015

And now? I am blocked.

Troll Bane. I am it.

— aweisburd (@webradius) February 9, 2015

It's interesting that the subject is so thin of skin considering...

And so I can't view gems such as

Cynicism breeds dementia (and smoking dope doesn't help either) @Mario_Greenly

— Navstéva (@Navsteva) February 9, 2015

I feel so deprived.

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