Trolls in Review
2015 February 07
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I keep an assortment of Kremlin trolls in a private Twitter list, not unlike a specimen jar, and peak in on them from time to time. Today's Munich Security Conference seemed like an opportune moment to see what the little bastards are up to.

In case you were unaware, the King of Jordan is a target. Remember, an ISIS that is defeated is useless to the Kremlin and their clients in Syria and Iran.

seems the puppet Jordanian midget king killed an American hostage held by ISIS as he tried to overcompensate for his astounding failures.

— Edward Dark (@edwardedark) February 6, 2015
Any day is a good day to bring up NATO intervention in the Balkans - it lies at the root of current Kremlin grievances (along with a number of other issues). Also, there is a significant Serbian contingent in Putin's legion of trolls.

After Kosovo achieved “independence”, US built Camp Bondsteel, the largest US base in the Balkans #FreedomUSstyle

— the Lemniscat (@theLemniscat) February 7, 2015
And then there's the Ron Paul Institute: Dupes? Useful Idiots? Agents of Influence? Proof Libertarians should smoke a little less cannabis? Sometimes I feel sorry for Rand.

Russian 'Soldiers Mothers Committees' -- a US Covert Op? #Ukraine #Russia

— the Lemniscat (@theLemniscat) February 7, 2015
Merkel is a Nazi. Because why not?

Geez. No wonder they refer to Merkel's administration as the Fourth Reich.

— Rs = 2 GM/c^2 (@AnarchoPhysics) February 7, 2015

@theLemniscat @dovernjtaurus Church burning is a theme of Zionist wars, wherever in the world. They are the controllers.

— Julieann Carter (@MisGrace) February 7, 2015
Those dastardly Brits, warmongers masquerading as leftists. But real leftists know who is left and who is not. Also, Lenin rocks!

Guardian fulfills role as "Left" imperialist warmonger: "Fear of Putin Grows in EU capitals"

— Phil Greaves (@PhilGreaves01) February 7, 2015
Finally, we see German anti-imperialists standing shoulder to shoulder with Kremlin imperialists in the heroic united people's struggle against US imperialism, or something. My wife, who doesn't pretend to be German on the Internet but is actually German in real life, walked past my desk, saw this pic, and said "They're kidding, right? Being ironic?" Nope.

#MSC2015 #Munich #NoSiKo demo

— Thomas Occupy (@ThomasOccupy) February 7, 2015
Time to put the lid back on that jar.

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