A useful construct: Sovietism rather than Communism
2015 January 17
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An issue one wrestles with when dealing with Kremlin Trolls is how to make sense of the involvement of people who are clearly old-school Communist cadre side-by-side with various rightwing extremists, and how they both identify with Putin's Russia. This article by Paul Goble provides a useful construct: Putin is restoring Sovietism rather than Communism:

Many commentators suggest that Vladimir Putin is trying to restore an updated version of the Soviet Union and point to his return to many Soviet policies at home and abroad, but it is critically important to understand, Andrey Zubov argues, that people recognize that the Kremlin leader is restoring Soviet but not Communist values.

In an interview with Lithuania’s Delfi news agency, the Russian historian and former MGIMO faculty member says in contrast to the countries of Eastern Europe, Russia has broken only with communism but not with Sovietism and that unless it does with both, it risks a return to totalitarianism or to decay (ru.delfi.lt).

The current Moscow elite consists of “the descendants of those who occupied the Baltic countries and persecuted the opponents of Soviet power.” Its members have benefitted from the privatization of Soviet wealth, but they were never forced from power and replaced by those who rejected many other Soviet values....
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